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The Sound of Insects is mostly a selected discography with a couple unreleased songs, it shows all the different styles that I like to do. Scid is a combination of two previous releases under different names. It's mostly glitch and drum machine fuzzy pop punk. Into It/Iced Out is a combination of the last two albums that I released under my last two solo projects. It's just melodic hardcore/pop punk and rap. Crotchmas was a new EP that has a few different styles and cover. Pronounced Dead is the debut EP for DXVD. It's a bunch of different styles. If this is the first time you've listened to me, I suggest listening to The Sound of Insects, Crotchmas, Pronounced Dead, Scrid and then Into It/Iced Out in that order. Most of Into It/Iced Out are on The Sound of Insects.