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Did you play all the instruments on your songs?

I played the guitar, and bass on the electric songs and I've played the guitar on my acoustic songs. My friend Ryan played the drums on all the electric songs. He's played in Tim Blood and the Gutpanthers, Vipe, Christwrong, Paging The Crime Doctor, Dislich, and Nail Bastard.


Do you make your own beats?

I make some of them but some of my friends have made beats for me. I usually give them credit.


Can I send you a beat?

Yeah! Just send it to me at clyde@emogothchick.com. I'd prefer something streaming like on soundcloud but you can send it as an attachment.


Can we do a song together?

Absolutely! I don't have a computer right now so it might take me awhile to record my part but if you have a beat and a verse or whatever just email me.


Where are you from?

I was raised in Ontario, OR (55 miles west of Boise) and currently live there but I've moved around a lot.


Can you play this show?

Probably! Send me an email at clyde@emogothchick.com and give me all the details.


Why won't you play a 21 and up show?

I think that music should be for everyone to enjoy regardless of age, gender, race, orientation or anything else. I played a 21 and up show on accident on a tour with Tim Blood but that's been it.


What is this song about? What are the chords/lyrics for this song?

Send me an email at clyde@emogothchick.com and I can tell you the lyrics, meaning and chords for any song that I have if I can remember it.


What bands made you want to start making music?

When I first started writing songs and stuff, I was really influenced by Cursive, Bright Eyes, Dag Nasty, Paul Baribeau, Gorilla Biscuits and Cap'n Jazz. That Dog has really influenced by lyrics. I was listening to Tyler, The Creator and for some reason I got influenced to start making beats. I also started rapping more after listening to a lot of Odd Future and Raider Klan. I get influenced by pretty much everything I listen to. I really wanted the electric songs on The Sound of Insects to sound like a mix of Weezer and Blink 182.


Have you ever been in any other bands or released music under a different name?

I've been in a few bands. The first band I was in was called The Deceased which was mostly shock lyrics and metal and punk, very GG Allin influenced. After that I was in a band called Dysfunctional Youth and we changed our name to Decomposing Teenagers, that was like misfits influenced. I was in a power-violence band called P.T.S.D. after that. I was in a deathcore band called Slaughter Everyone. This was the first band that I played an instrument in instead of just doing vocals. I was in a rap group called The Starscreams. I was in a pop-punk band called Freshman Year. I was in a band with some members of Tim Blood and the Gutpanthers that played my solo acoustic songs electric where I played guitar and sang and I was very briefly the singer of Nailbastard. I also played bass in Dislich before they were Dislich for a week or so. I've released solo music as Thumbsucker, Clyde Webb, Big Rowdy, The Handicraps, Miss Teen Heartbreak 2008, and The Billionaire People. I combined all the most recent solo songs that I've done and re-released them as DXVD.





Contact for everything: Clyde